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Post  Machine on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:51 pm

I will sum it up right now: absolutely awesome! I have to go through it track by track. The first two tracks we've been able to listen to for a couple of years. While I wasn't as much of a fan of the song Caravan (it's good but not amazing) it makes so much more sence now. Loved BU2B, but also now has a deeper meaning. The first 'new' track Clockwork Angels is probably the first song in nearly 20 years that has this many twists and turns style and time-wise. I love the cool shuffle/swing for the verses and the heavy handed attack of the bridges, then the slow bluesy part in the second section of the solo, very cool. Next is simply my favorite song off of the album, the Anarchist. The next song Carnies has a great chorus and lyric. Halo Effect is a bit softer and kind of reminds me of another Rush song, while not filler, not amazing. Seven Cites of Gold harkens back to the 70's version of Rush, and has a very cool bluesy riff that just makes this song rock. While the Wreckers is a good stab at a pop song with a Byrds influenced intro and a very melodic chorus, it is not a hit for me. Headlong Flight has also preceeded the album by about 2 weeks and I did like the song right from first play. A great rock song with this wonderful lyric :"I wish I could live it all again". Being a bit older and sometimes retrospecive myself I understand that line perfectly. BU2B2 is a wast of time. Wish them Well is another positive rocker. And finally, The Garden is an amazing softer song for Rush. While it may seem that I am a bit critical of some songs, there is only one song that I will probably skip while I play the entire album, and that is BU2B2. I do intend on playing the entire album alot, for 2 reasons. One is Rush is back on the road to rock, not that I minded the synth jouney in the 80's. And two, Snakes and Arrows was very good, but Colckwork Angels is better and it seems more focused, this collection of songs is awesome, Rush simply doing what they do best. Buy it, 14$ at Wal-mart.

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