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Post  Machine on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:25 pm

Packaged was released in july 2010. This fan CD was concieved shortly after My Right was done, but obviously went through many revisions. The three studio tracks were all written around the same period as the majority of the Interesting album. The Greatest Intro Ever was always intended to open this CD. Packaged was a song that was made from a ton of riffs Todd had put on a tape and given to me. I think fairly early on I decided this should go on a fan CD. I Am was three ideas I had come up while we were jamming and actually recorded them on Todd's tape so they wouldn't be forgotten. I think that by the time we stared to record this songs was also slated for a fan CD. All three songs were recorded in the 2008-2010 Interesting sessions using the same equipment. Everything went through the 8 channel firepod and was recorded with Cubase ST. Zero Hour (Orchestra Version) was an experiment of mine done in 2009 just prior to the Interesting recordings. This was recorded at my house, with a very primitive set-up. I was using a fourtrack as a mixer going into the soundcard and Cubase 5(?). I felt it was good enough for people to listen to but not to go on an album. Then I thought we should round out the CD with a couple of live tracks. These are also from the CD release party at Rockcees in 2008.

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