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Released in Jan 2008. This album started around 2004, and the first recording was done in 2005. It took a long time to record and had an enormous learning curve. We were limited by the amount of time we could spend on it, but also by our equipment and our knowledge of the software we were using. In retrospect, this was the wrong way to do things, but I recorded all the guitar and bass to a click track in early 2005 on my computer. I believe I used my old four track as a mixer and just went into the sound card. Everything was recorded on Cubase 5. We transferred everything to Todds computer and found that things weren't matching up. A song recorded @ 120 bpm would only match up if it was played @ 119.97 bmp. NOT GOOD! So I made the tempos work as best as I could then we tried to record the drums. All the drum mics went into a 12 channel board through the four track and into the sound card which was then recorded as a stereo track. So primitive! This was not easy and took some time. We then recorded the vocals and what ever guitar fixes and sound effects were needed. Todd has a great ear but felt we wasn't up to mixing the album. We finally decided on Justin Bender to mix it and he did a great job with what we sent him. By this time we had our friend Jamie Larivierre on bass and managed to squeak in 2 shows before the whole thing fell apart. So far we have played 8 of the 10 songs excluding only Twitch and Urge in our live performances. The second video we made was for Zero Hour in 2009.

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